Our goal at the North Davis Elementary PTA is to make our school strong through community involvement. It may be baking cookies. It may be cleaning up at the Fall Picnic. It may even be lending a hand at the NDE Auction. There is plenty of opportunity for every parent to contribute to the success of our school and our kids.

It’s important to realize that many of the programs that enrich your student’s experience at North Davis Elementary are made possible through the fundraising and volunteer efforts of the NDE PTA and people like you. These include things like:

  • field trips
  • theater and musical performances
  • music and art lessons
  • Books Count
  • grade-level grants
  • fitness activities
  • and much, much more

Take a moment to look through the site, and find out how you can contribute to the success of our school and our children. Volunteer today!

You will find our school’s calendar on the North Davis Elementary website.

Thank you!

PTA Team

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