October is tomorrow!  Davis, along with cities across the country, has decided to enter the challenge of Car Free October.  To support our city, our kids health, and our environment, the elementary schools are doing their part.  There will be a district-wide elementary school challenge, with a prize (to be announced) for the school with the largest number of students walking/biking/carpooling/taking public transportation to school.  The tracking is done through the Active4me program, so register today or stop by the scanning table near the bike racks any morning to get started.  In addition to the district wide prize, stay tuned for fabulous prizes offered at NDE.  Can’t walk or bike to school?  No problem, set up a carpool and come scan.  Or, get dropped off by the Davis Art Center and walk from there and scan.  The idea is to have less cars idling away in front of our schools, and get our kids starting healthy habits.

Questions?  Contact Michelle Maranta, Karen Fee, or Michelle Livingston.

Let’s make North Davis proud and continue our tradition of being the best active school in the best biking city!