Join the PTA

What is the PTA?

When you think of the PTA, you may picture fun assemblies, fundraisers, and meetings. You would be right, of course, but the true backbone of any PTA is membership. The simple act of joining is a tremendous help toward achieving these fun, enriching activities.

Through your PTA membership, you are not only helping our school, you are also affecting the lives of kids all across the United States. A portion of your membership dues are sent to the district, state, and national PTA offices, and these funds help to lobby for better policies on education, social and emotional well-being, and more. In fact, the National PTA represents the largest volunteer organization in the United States, with over 6 million members.

Your membership in no way obligates you to attend meetings or give your time in any way, although your voluntary participation in greatly appreciated.

How do I join?

One of the easiest ways to join is at the beginning of the school year during the Paper Parade, however you can join at any point, right up until the last day of school! Simply complete and return the membership form to the NDE office.

How can I contribute?

It takes many people to coordinate, chair, and facilitate our many student and family programs. Please consider volunteering your time.

Join today!

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