May 6th is the day that NDE will celebrate our teachers in conjunction with California’s Day of the Teacher. The PTA will be putting together a luncheon for all NDE staff – Thank you Shelley Dunning!

The other NDE tradition is to bring flowers from your garden or a neighborhood garden for your teacher(s) and class aides (if there is one assigned to your child’s class). If you don’t receive an email from a parent in your class, take the initiative to contact the other families in your child’s class and coordinate the floral bouquets. This is an amazing way to thank our teachers and aides from our community gardens.

Paired with flowers, NDE students traditionally bring in handmade cards thanking their teachers. Work with your children over the next 2 weeks to create cards thanking their class teacher, and any other teacher they are particularly attached to, like Mrs. Froman, Science Teacher, Mr. Guerrero, ELL instructor or Ms. Newman, special education instructor.

Bring your flowers and cards to NDE on May 6th to make California’s Day of the Teacher memorable for all at NDE.