Our active4.me scan and notify program will have a space at the Paper Parade (right next to the teacher assignments) where you can update your student’s teacher, get a new zip tie, or register a new student.

Who can participate?
Any student who walks or bikes to school can participate.

How does it work?
Students must be registered to participate. Once registered, students receive a barcode scanner (like those used at gyms). Each day a student walks or bikes to school he/she goes to the scanning station at the lunch tables near the bike racks to have his/her barcode scanned. Once scanned in, you receive an email or text (if interested) letting you know your child’s barcode has been scanned (they have arrived safely to school).

How do I register my student?
Parents can register their students by going to northdavis.active4.me. Once registered, print out the form, sign it and turn it in to receive a barcode scanner.

We registered/participated last year…what now?
If you still have your barcode card from last year, please reuse that and we can get your student registered into their current class. If your card got lost, we can issue a new card.

We will begin scanning on Wednesday—First day of school!

This is a PTA program, please do NOT contact the front office with questions.