NDE has a very active fitness program, with May is Bike Month, Jump Rope Club, the Scanning Program, and more.

Garden Program

The NDE garden program is a collaborative effort of parent volunteers, school staff, district maintenance support, and financial support from the NDE PTA and Davis Farm to School. Parent volunteers coordinate garden class schedules, provide supplies, help maintain garden areas, and volunteer as classroom “garden parents” to lead groups of students in activities such as planting, harvesting, scarecrow-making and cooking. Suggested lesson plans are made available to classes interested in gardening, although teachers are also free to devise their own lesson plans.

Family Fun Events

Each year the NDE PTA plans the following fun-filled events. These events are a wonderful opportunity for NDE families to catch up with our friends and also a way to meet new friends. Dates can be found under Events, and are highlighted in the NDE Newsletter, You can also refer to the North Davis Elementary calendar.

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