Weekly Newsletter

The Dolphin Digest provides up-to-date information on current activities and deadlines at North Davis Elementary, and is the main source of communication between North Davis Elementary parents, the school, and the PTA.

Newsletter Distribution

The newsletter is sent electronically via S’more to all parents with an e-mail listed with the school.

Submission Deadline

All weekly submissions are due on Friday prior to the release of the newsletter on Sunday evening. Please contact ndenewsletter@ndepta.com to submit content for the upcoming newsletter.

Submission Guidelines

Space is limited in the newsletter. The following guidelines are in place to help with space restrictions.

  • Include the most important information in the first two sentences of the announcement. For example: name of event, date of event, important deadlines and contact information, link to website.
  • Use 100 words or less. Announcements with a large amount of information should submit a short paragraph for the newsletter and a detailed article for the PTA website. A link can be provided in the newsletter to the PTA website where additional information and/or forms can be hosted.

Submission Policy

Information distributed in the Dolphin Digest must relate to the school, PTA, Davis Joint Unified School District, or public health and safety, and will conform to noncommercial, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian PTA guidelines.


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