The Ocean Outlet is a 6th grade designed and run student “store” where the currency is DolphinDollars. Students earn Dolphin Dollars throughout their days for their SWIMing behavior. Three times a year, students are able to shop at Ocean Outlet using their DolphinDollars.

Ocean Outlet is funded by our PBIS monies, PTA grants and donations from parents and community members. New items are purchased, but the Outlet relies on gently used donations to round out their offerings.

Students have shown interest in a variety of items to purchase, including items for their siblings, friends and parents. 

Consider donating: 

  • Gently used stuffed animals (washed)
  • Gently used external clothing items (scarves, hats, bags, purses)
  • Jewelry
  • Arts and crafts items
  • School supplies 
  • Dolls, action figures, pokemon
  • Cards (pokemon, marvel etc)
  • Science equipment/kits (we can turn donated lab items into kits)
  • Legos, building blocks
  • Decor (art, vases, figurines, candles)
  • Costumes, masks
  • Plants
  • Building kits
  • Musical instruments

Ocean Outlet does not need books, puzzles, games or toys at this time.

Dop off at the NDE office anytime.