Fitness Program

Fitness Corner

Several fitness related programs are supported by the PTA. Please see the information below on programs for 2019-2020.

Fifth Grade California State Fitness Testing

Our 5th Grade teachers will instruct/train all 5th grade students as they work on improving their personal best records for the mile run, sit and reach, abdominal curl ups, pushups/pull ups, and trunk extension. 

Fencing Instruction

At North Davis Elementary our fifth grade students participate in a 3-session fencing unit  as part of our physical fitness programming. We are fortunate to have Simon Pitfield from the Davis Fencing Academy provide the instruction with support from classroom teachers and parent volunteers. Students learn the basics of fencing foot work during their first session (first position, “en garde”, advances, retreats, “extend” and lunges). During the second and third sessions, students suit up in vests, gloves and masks working with partners as they “lunge”, “parry”, and “riposte” with foils. We have been fortunate to offer this program since November 2007.

Running Club

Primary students can join Mr. Yeaman (and parent volunteers) each Tuesday and Thursday from 2:35-3:05 (on fair weather days) for a fun after school running experience, beginning mid-September. This is a great opportunity for additional exercise, to meet new friends, as well as to learn to run for longer distances in a friendly and fun environment. Students work on building to an accumulative Marathon by the end of the school year. A parent permission form is required, so please check in with Mr. Yeaman or the office prior to having your student attend for more specifics.

Active Transportation

National Walk and Bike to School Day!

The National Center for Safe Routes to School’s National Walk and Bike to school day is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2, 2019. This day is dedicated to using your body to get to school (no cars). Scanning Program

We currently have close to 300 students registered to scan. If you are not yet registered, come see us at the scanning station each morning 8:00-8:30 with any questions. Sign up forms are always available in the office.

Who can participate?

Any student who walks or bikes to school can participate. Students can be dropped off at the Davis Arts Center or at the end of 14th St to participate.  This counts!

How does it work?

Students must be registered to participate. Once registered, students receive a barcode scanner (like those used at gyms). Each day a student walks or bikes to school he/she goes to the scanning station at the lunch tables near the bike racks to have his/her barcode scanned. Once scanned in, you receive an email or text (if interested) letting you know your child’s barcode has been scanned (they have arrived safely to school).

How do I register my student?

Parents can register their students online.

Once registered, print out the form, sign it and turn it in to receive a barcode scanner.

We registered/participated last year…what now?

If you still have your barcode card from last year, please reuse that and we can get your student registered into their current class. If you lost your card, we can issue a new one.

Where does my student go to scan?

We are set up at the lunch tables closest to the bike racks near 14th Street. This is where we are able to gain internet access for our computers.

Please do NOT contact the front office with any questions related to this program. This is a PTA program. For more information please e-mail Michelle Livingston.




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