Scholastic Book Fair and Book Club

Scholastic Book Fair

Twice a year, during Parent-Conference Week, the library hosts a Scholastic Book Fair. The Fair is a great way to support your school’s reading efforts as it:

  • Provides easy access to a wide assortment of books
  • Gives kids a choice in what inspires them to read more
  • Book Fairs involve family, which demonstrates to kids that reading is important
  • It allows the library to earn scholastic dollars to buy new books for the school library giving students access to a wider variety of books

Scholastic Book Orders

Did you know that every time you buy a book from the scholastic book club the teacher earns points that can be used to buy books for the classroom? And you don’t need to wait for the flyer to come home in your kids backpacks. Books can be ordered online at Just be sure to use your classroom activation code so the teacher earns the points and a free book with every online book order.

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